One of my favorite Christmas memories was watching my Dad make hundreds of these Chocolate Cherry Christmas Cookies every year. He would spend hours making perfect circles with the chocolate dough, perfecting the indentation to hold the perfect cherry & topping each with the exact amount of fudge needed to coat the cookie. There was never a crack in the cookie or an overflow of fudge. They were beautiful!

He let us keep 3. One for my mom, one for my big brother & one for me. The rest were packed up and gifted to his colleagues at the Houston Ballet. Leaving us looking forward to the next year to have another taste.

Image of cookies & a cookie tin

After he died my family & I continued the tradition of gifting cookies to the Houston Ballet. And now, no longer living in Houston, I’ve continued to gift these cookies for Christmas to the people who help our world go round.

And now I’d love to gift you the recipe for these delicious Chocolate Cherry Christmas Cookies!

Image of messy cookies
I’m still working on the refinement my Dad had in assembling the cookies...

Bon Appétit & Happy Holidays!!

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