I realized over the weekend that we’ll be hosting dinner more than 3 times over the next week for a mix of friends & family in town to celebrate Thanksgiving. While making my game plan for these meals I noticed two main goals: the “vibe” of the table must be different each night & the Thanksgiving “vibe” will be our formal dinner.

Three dinners & three different tables to set.

Casual Dinner.

image of a casual dinner table setting

  • On the left, a dinner fork is placed on top of your napkin.
  • Front & center, stacked bottom to top is your dinner plate, salad plate & soup bowl.
  • Top right, wine & water glasses.
  • On the right side of your plate, your dinner knife & soup spoon.

Formal Dinner.

image of a casual dinner table setting

  • A place card of your name is the guide for your table setting. A personal salt shaker is placed to the left of your place card & a personal pepper shaker is placed to the right. Below, placed horizontally, is your dessert spoon.
  • Top left, your bread plate with the butter knife placed horizontally across the plate.
  • Your napkin is just below, on top of the napkin (and closest to your plate) is your dinner fork & to its left is your salad fork.
  • Front & center, the charger topped with your soup bowl.
  • The glasses, the top right of your setting is where you’ll find a red wine glass, a white wine glass & a water glass.
  • Last, but not least, to the right of the charger is your dinner knife & to it’s left is your soup spoon.

What I'll actually end up doing.

What’s that old saying? ... “Keep it simple, stupid.” ... Yes, that’s it!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Image of paper plates

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